Connectives and conjunctions

Today, in literacy, we were playing around with different connectives and conjunctions.

Connectives join two separate ideas in two sentences or paragraphs.
They usually come at the start of a sentence.

Examples of connectives

Therefore However Also As well as
Moreover Furthermore Firstly Secondly Thirdly Finally Eventually Then
Next Later Above all In particular Especially Significantly Indeed Notably
Meanwhile Afterwards Likewise Similarly
Alternatively Otherwise For example In addition
Consequently In conclusion To summarise
As a result Nevertheless On the other hand
Despite this On the contrary As already stated

Example: I like to read books. Furthermore, I enjoy writing.

Conjunctions join two ideas in the same sentence.

Examples of conjunctions:
and but so if when
after as since before although
unless provided that because as long as apart from while or until whilst whereas
even if whether or not whenever so that even though

Example: I play rugby because it helps me to keep fit.

Sometimes, we put a conjunction at the start of a sentence and place a comma to create a subordinate clause.


After reading some of your hilarious sentences today, I would love for you to share them with the world. Post your connective/conjunction sentences below! 🙂